Huawei vs. Trump

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Let’s be real, we are living in a time when a multinational company battles against world super-powerful countries and end up defeating them. This is the case of Google vs. Iran, AirBnB vs. Spain or Uber vs. every country; in most of these cases the multinational has gotten its way. Today we are in the midst of Huawei vs. US or to be more precise against the Trump administration. In this battle we are able to see to fronts: One geo-political and another technological.

On the geo-political front we have a battle over world supremacy and economic-politic-military domination, where the winner will end up imposing their systems, enterprises, believes, values and other factors over the conquered territory. This brings an advantage at the time of imposing their interests and ultimately benefits their economy. On this front the world have witnessed the rise of China over the last 4 decades.

On the technological front, that right now is one of the primary means to exercise geo-political domination, we are witnessing a battle between the Trump administration and Huawei. We are 5 months in after the ban to sell goods or services to Huawei from the trump administration and we can foresee that the biggest losers after Huawei are the two (2) American Tech giants Google and Microsoft, amongst hundreds of other Huawei suppliers from 11 USD billion in purchases in 2018, that urge the Trump administration for lifting the ban.

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