Neymar Jr. The perfect Football product

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Neymar is a fantastic football player, there is no denying it. His creation of football will make his rivals tremble, specific plays will make his current defender pray for the heavens and his capacity to turn up the crowd is almost unprecedented; this is Neymar the football player. We have also Neymar the multinational where his father, Neymar Senior is the CEO.

Neymar junior is a money making machine, from his appearance at the Brasileirao more than a decade ago where he stood out for his flamboyant football he has been surrounded by cameras, that he only does not hate, but actually likes being the center of attention. The fact that he is of Brazilian origins, his open manners, green eyes and his million dollar smile has brought him to the top of this industry. This top position has been greatly exploited by himself and his father to make lots of money; and the Neymars’ (Jr. and Sr.) capacity to make money, has led them into making very questionable decisions and methods in their businesses.

On one side, his and his father’s ambition for money, his particular relationship with the media (cameras love him and he loves the cameras), their ability to negotiate; and on the football side where he is a fantastic player, perhaps one of the best from his generation, with a really wonderful football coming out of his feet and his capacity to define matches, has made Neymar Jr. into the Perfect Football Product of our generation.

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