Economic Protectionism and Tech Companies after COVID-19

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Once we are out of homes where we have been confined for some weeks now and on the other side of this COVID-19 pandemic we will be and live in a completely different world: a world with even greater inequalities, more controls, more data collection and more restrictions to our liberties; but also, there will be a growth on nationalistic trends and along these same lines the globalization will slow down and the economies will individually turn into protectionism to auto-heal.

 Even so, consumerism, today’s life needs, the world superpowers’ agenda and the economic interdependency that we have created during the last 50 years will make that economies don’t close down completely and there will be a space for a type of non-essential goods and services that will also have international competition, like: international food chains, imported nutritional products, branded shoes and clothes and many others.

For the case of Tech companies, that most can be considered in this non-essential goods and services type haven’t been so negatively impacted by the COVID-19; even though Tech stocks haven’t risen in price, most of them have recuperated from their initial drop and the basis of their core business have strengthen during this period.

We will see Protectionism in most world countries by the means of local spontaneous pressure local groups or by state or governmental means (and it will also influence political campaigns); it will be a Glocalized process, meaning a Global reach and adjusted to local affairs. And Tech Companies will come back stronger than ever and on top will be the beneficiaries of the data collection measures that will be imposed on most of the population, specially travelers.

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