From Religion to Facebook – The end of the Democratization of Wealth

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During the last century we have witnessed a democratization of Power and Wealth; and nowadays with the empowering given by science people have turned more agnostic and religion has lost its place as the tool to control the masses. Throughout all history previous to the 20th century Power and Wealth was concentrated within a very few people. Those times were when “lords” amassed almost all Power and Wealth, some “Intermediaries” that ran errands for them received the crumbs and the “Oppress” had to make due with whatever was left. As the 20th century rolls in this Power and Wealth goes into a democratization process, more and more people were able to grasp them and get ahold of of them; ultimately, during the 20th Century took place a great distribution of Wealth and on a smaller scale also Power.

One of the effects of this confinement we are living during the start of 2020 is the abrupt shift of Power and Wealth that returns to the hands of very few, those that have always been their masters. In this new world we will see the governing elite, the controllers of Big-Tech and as always the banks recuperating something that has always belong to them. For the control of the masses Big-tech comes into the scene as the main tool taking on the task that was previously assigned to religion to indoctrinate people into sheeple (people that are sheep).  

As a fruit of this abrupt change we rush towards a society with greater inequalities; meaning, a society closer to the ones previous to the 20th century. As this post is published the differences between Power and Wealth are increasing every minute that we expend confined. More liberties are being conceded and now some rights are being exchanged for privileges that may or may not be granted by those in power. We concede more personal information that is collected by Big-Tech and now it’s becoming legally binding. And we indebt ourselves more with banks to be able to come out of this without any hunger.

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