May you live in interesting times – Chinese curse

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May you live in interesting times – 愿你生活在有趣的时代, as the Chinese use it to curse others, because it is actually better to live in uninteresting times. Now… Are we living in interesting times? Where most see death and infection, yours truly here writing these lines sees only the poor getting poorer, a great shift of wealth towards the rich and the powerless with even less power is taking place. 2019 through 2021 have been for sure interesting times, we have had the trade war between USA and China and technology being the underlying issue at hand. Tech-politics (tech-politics definition here) is only starting; we are witnessing how world superpowers locate and use their tech-assets to handle, coerce and gain allies and also, Technology to control the mases (more here).

Now Biden as president the USA is starting to prepare again for a “Multipolar World” where superpowers are numerous (not only USA) and from now on, every superpower fights for a bigger piece of the pie to expand their areas of influence. A world where Europe, Russia, India and China are also in the race as world superpower and are realizing that technology is the new weapon to conquer new territories. US banned Huawei and though of banning TikTok and WeChat, Europe fined Google for 1.5 billion euros, India banned crypto-currencies and well… China has banned almost everything coming from abroad that could have a significant impact on their population. And these same superpowers are making sure that their tech-companies have free or very cheap financing.

Interesting times we are living in alright! At this point nothing is clear. Where is the world going? What are we facing in the decades to come? Inequalities are on the rise in every corner of the planet, government, Big-Tech and Banking Institutions (the man) are gaining power and financial leverage to “oppress” the rest of the world population. In the meanwhile, “the rest of us” are in the hands of these power and money hungry weasels making decisions without consent for the rest of us and our only out is to comply. May we live in interesting times!

愿你生活在有趣的时代 (Yuàn nǐ shēnghuó zài yǒuqù de shídài)

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