Technology puts us into everything

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At the end of the 90the century premiered a movie called “The Devil’s advocate” starring Al Pacino (the Devil) and Keanu Reeves (the advocate). The devil was a global reach gangster with his hands in every dirty business and a promoter of war. At the end during a monolog from Al Pacino when it reached the heights of the movie, he brags about why he recruits fresh blood lawyers saying that law puts them into everything. This leads us to technology, that for today’s purpose we will also call it digitalization (make everything binary)… and that also puts us into every business.

Technology has created a new dimension of the human being, today we have 3 dimensions: corporeal or body, documentary (birth certificate, driver’s license, diplomas, others) and the digital dimension (digital footprint, Google search history, facebook, twiter or LinkedIn profile). The same has happened in the field of business and as extensions to governments, where the digital is part of their ongoing business and enables them to perform “business as usual”. Today companies and governments depend on technology, the internet and digital services even more than people.

Today digitalization and technology has taken over the world and the same as law, it has gotten into everything. Schools, colleges and Universities, should be teaching their students how to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) databases to take advantage of the overabundance of data. Today every industry (including politics) has the need to analyze market data, production, administration, sales, etc. Today we can know what is being demanded with great precision, timing and we are able to act in accordance. And the same as the Devil in the movie, companies with a futuristic vision should work on the development of a technological or digitalization strategy.

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