Today’s Football, the first reality show

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Reality shows came to see light at the end of the 80s when the market started demanding the entertainment industry real life would characters, that perform extraordinary feats and also will air their day to day personal life whether they are ordinary or out of the ordinary.  In the world of reality shows these activity of getting to know the day to day life of the characters starts to create a relationship or one way rapport between the character and the audience.

Football was born on the British Island almost a century and half ago; and at the moment that TV or more precisely Live TV came to be, they consummated a perfect marriage with football and all sports in general, where people actually didn’t have to go to the stadium. A marriage where the players will put on a unique and unrepeatable show (given no one game is equal to the next) and where having to know the outcome or result of the game will render the game useless. And on the other flank, TV would bring the means for massive distribution to reach everyone who would demand this unique event.

All of the above bring us to today’s football, that is more a reality show that anything else; where we get to know and build rapport with the characters, and there is everything and in great quantities:  elite competition, beautiful women, intrigue and deception, money, lots of money and luxury, and characters that will delight us with their fantastic football every week of the year.

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