After Geo-Politics come Tech-Politics

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Politics has always been around, and for me the definition of politics is “the way the population interact with and elect the governing politicians”, interaction seen as a two-way multi-media communication where national discussions take place. Politics have changed over time from lords, to kings and further down to parliaments and presidents. And this interaction passed from the public square to surveys, press, metrics, social network, memes and Big Data.

By extension of politics came Geo-Politics as the ways countries interact which each other taking into account their geographical frontiers, this is a new concept relative to politics. In Geo-Politics the population within the country’s geography participates indirectly through internal politics, where governing politicians express and act according to the “best interest” of this population. Because of Geo-politics decisions are made that carry out economic, social, military and other impacts on all involved countries.

Nowadays in the time of the Huawei – Trump affair where we are witnessing intrigue, lies, diplomacy and the usage of hard power, as well as soft power, we are observing the rise of the Tech-Politics where strategic and economic interests are on the first order of business. These interests come from the strategic position of the United States of world domination and Huawei as the tip of the sword from China. Tech-Politics is only starting and there will be great risks and great opportunities for everyone.   

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