Facebook comes to challenge the traditional systems of control

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In the light of economic theory, the factors of production are Land, Labor and Capital (the later one seen as supplies and machinery), and during the last decades there has been the need to add Technology to this list. Whomever controls the factors of production, controls the economy. These factors are important for their characteristics of being finite, creatable and no one can possess them all. And one can infer that she/he who controls the factors of production, controls the territory. Through monetization and the need to measure everything, including the economy, all these factors have been replaced by one; money, that enables the acquisition of all the others Land, Labor, Capital and Technology.

Money and/or currency to complete day to day transactions since many centuries has been controlled by the administrative organ of the society, that today we know as the government through a central bank, where directives are technical and political driven and also taking into account national interest, international current affairs, etc. The heads of these power structures may that be politicians, kings, gangsters, presidents, dictators, former presidents or others have created a system of control where the money and power they hold is unlimited compared to that of the rest of the population. And from them holding this power, they are able to provide stability to maintain peace, an unaltered Status Quo and once its altered, they would concede a little more to the rest of the population.

Now Mark Zuckerberg through his Facebook comes to challenge these long established systems of control with the introduction of the digital currency Libra, that will have a Central Bank controlled by the main stock holders and investors from Giant-Tech and Big Finance like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Uber and others that looking at trends and with some vision have boarded Zuckerberg’s enterprise. This will lead to a demonopolization of the Central Bank figure (until now controlled by governments) and will also be in control by private investments to almost a global scale; and with this we enter an era of Capitalism at its maximum expression.  

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