Latency and the 5G battle

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The race for the 5G networks that we are witnessing between China and the USA is underlying a layer about Tech-Politics (defensive or offensive positions taken by countries driven by the technological decisions of other countries, read related article). This is a race for the control of the infrastructure, that down the road leads to the control of information. This control is the reason why the military refuse to use commercial technology and try the most to use only their own telecom and satellites.

With COVID and technology many conspiracy theories have risen that have no place on this blog. 5G Technology enables 100 times more bandwidth and 3 times less latency. Latency is the elapsed time between the moment the information is sent, to the moment when the information is received at the other end, less latency means that the reception of data is faster (less is better). The bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transported at the same time (more is better).

The essence of the 5G revolution is more about latency than anything else, the gained speed in the communication between both ends of the interface will lead to great advances in non-present applications like robotics, medical, transportation and technologies that we are not even envisioning in the commercial and prototyping spectrum.

China is winning the 5G race by far, many analysts suggest that USA is almost 2 years behind in development to reach China’s level. And this is the main reasons why the US is heading into rhis commercial war against Huawei, which is the world leader in 5G technology. USA’s strategy is the slow down Huawei’s progress to gain time and let the American companies like AT&T, Qualcomm, Dell and others catch up the Chinese companies.

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