Technological Diet and Addiction

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Today we all live glued to our phones and technological devices, they have become so important to our existence that they have opened a whole new dimension to the human existence: 1) The corporeal dimension. 2) The documentary dimension. 3) The digital dimension, that was addressed in the article Technology puts us into everything (read more here). The digital dimension grows in importance during this 2020 and pushes us to be more and more dependent on digital services, the digitalization of the human being and always more legally binding.

The Netflix documentary “The social Dilemma” shows us the dependency that has been created and the industry behind it where our sentiments and endorphin secretions are being studied by analytics, analysts, programmers, machine learning, artificial intelligence and billions of dollars invested so that we keep glued to our devices (increase screen time) to become more addicted. Our devices have become our confidants: they organize our lives, our calendar, support us on our points of view and tell us what to think according to our previous choices. Any day now not too far in time they will be held in court as legally binding to convict a person of a felony.

Big companies now a days are applying a tech-diet to executives where they start to demand “offline time”, during this on-duty time they are required to address problems from the physical world, interact with colleagues and have meetings with people of flesh and bone. This aiming at the objective of giving equilibrium to their workers and send out a message that there is “life” beyond these devices.

During these days we are living in 2020 and leaving behind the corporate world where all that matters is profits, the life of the human being pushes us to the tech-addiction and thus, we should create a path towards moderation and a proper utilization of digital devices so that we can teach the next generations that the physical real world is more important that the what is going on in the digital world. Everything started with the content management according to ages, now it has become a subject across the board for all ages and families should start to implement rules to limit the screen time and these devices in general.  

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