The driven inspiration of video-editors: TikTok, Kwai, YouTube

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The muse of inspiration is clandestine, vane and transient (maybe this is the reason why I haven’t written anything for so long), she comes, goes and returns depending on the swings of the universe. But… What inspires us? What pushes us to creativity? These are questions for the infinite, but even so we can be sure that inspiration is triggered by something inside of us, our senses capture external estimule from a precise event and at the precise moment and this will push us later on to create something.

Creation is part of the human being, we create and adapt creations to survive, then to improve our quality of life and finally to entertain. The creative process is constant, it never stops, absorbs and creates trampolines on all available platforms. The internet is this infinite data platform that we have created during the last 40 years and its so powerfull that it has added a new dimension to the human being (Digital dimension: read more here). This superplatform gave birth initially to YouTube and afterwards to the likes of TikTok and Kwai where people create from lives experiences and content it’s diffused by/for the general public. With these new video-editors a new collaborative economy has come to life creating revenue from “likes” and “shares”.

Great artists like Shakira, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, etc. create and from their created content new content is created in the form of videos, voices, scene entries and much more to viraleze content. TikTok, Kwai, Instagram and many others show the way to create and diffuse content to a global scale and even more have the capacity to monetize for the content creator. The capacity for digital technology to diffuse content to all humanity is a game changer and its changing the paradigm of what has always been know as art.

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